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A Bind

A Bind

If you travel with a fear of flying, mental health experts recommend that you hold fast to the facts. Remind yourself of statistics that show that the most dangerous part of your travel day is the car ride to or from the airport.



The Fault Lines of Memory

The Fault Lines of Memory

I grew up in Northridge California, a place prone to big earthquakes. The San Andreas fault is a defining feature of California, and anyone who lives there, lives with the recognition that the ground can shift at any moment. What was certain one day can be completely changed in the next.


Essaying Is Questioning

Essaying Is Questioning

When I first read Jill Christman’s memoir, Darkroom: A Family Exposure, eight years after its 2011 publication, I wrote her a letter that began: “From the opening chapter of Darkroom, I knew I had found the book I had been craving for so long…”


Glorious, Golden, and Contemporary

Glorious, Golden, and Contemporary

Anthologies encourage us to look back and absorb vast swaths of literature. A good anthology can function as a shortcut to being well read and grant writers a stronger sense of historicity—something particularly valuable for essayists…


Multimedia Prize Judge Announced!

Multimedia Prize Judge Announced!

Announcing the judge for our 2023 Multimedia Essay Prize, open now through March 15th! We love Kelcey Ervick’s excellent graphic memoir and look forward to working with her. Enter today!


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