Drawing the Mall

Winner of the 2021 Fourth Genre Multimedia Essay Prize

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Multimedia

Here’s what our judge, Kristen Radke, had to say about this year’s winner: “Drawing The Mall” is a slightly-deranged, entirely-beautiful love letter to an American institution that ‘has seasons but it has no weather.’ I’ll genuinely never look at a food court the same way again. I fell in love, too.”

Brian Kearney

Brian Kearney

Brian Kearney is a writer and multimedia artist from Ireland. A student in the Digital Literary Arts MFA at Brown, his work has appeared in HobartThe Florida Review and Denver Quarterly. He has studied drawing at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, and Nonfiction Writing at the University of Iowa, and works seasonally as a sheep shearer. “Drawing the Mall” is part of a book-length project in its final stages. Find him on Instagram @briankearneyart.