The Name Project

by Julian Long

Julian Long

Julian Long

is a visionary writer known for his ability to weave captivating tales and stir mind and spirit with wordplay.

Born and raised Louisville, Kentucky but affirmed in the heart of Brooklyn, Julian has always been deeply influenced by the cultural tapestry surrounding him, igniting an urge to mic and amplify the unheard narratives of his community.

Through short stories, essays, and poetry, Julian explores the multifaceted, often fractured dimensions of identity, the fantastic realms of faith, sexuality, spiritualism and magic, and the harsh realities of racial injustice, poverty and sexism – all with a steadfast commitment to telling Black Truth as He Knows It with sensitivity, and reverence for the resilience of the Black spirit. Even when his works push against boundaries, he strives to bridge gaps, and foster understanding in a world desperate for meaningful connection.

Beyond writing, Julian remains deeply connected to his roots in Kentucky. He is currently a full-time caregiver for his aged mother, he’s pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Kentucky and is active in his local theater community where he feeds his twin gifts of writing and performing.